Pet promises

Feeling a bit left (no pun intended) out with all these manifestos flying about, so here’s ours. Short and sweet but to the point and we keep our promises 🙂

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The best pet apps in life are free!

There are some great apps out there and all the best ones certainly do seem to be free! So of course there is our app 🙂 VetUK have a great app if you are on the move. Just insert location and the nearest vets details come up, find it here for ios… and…

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Going mobile?

On the go? keep our details always to hand with our new free app. Download your free qr reader from here for android… and here free for ios…

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We hope everyone is having a lovely Easter and remember this is the only safe chocolate for dogs… even though they longingly look at what you have!


Our pets♥

and here they are, our motley crew Syd, 12 years old,  Bichon and ruler of the roost… Loup, an 11 year old Toy poodle, and ruler of Syd… From left to right Dora, Buffy Gunner and Oreo, all Labradoodles and ranging in age from 6 to 9 years old. and last but not least, Bearlock…

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Our website.

Our website is as it should be, and that is a work in progress. Sites never stand still as they need to always remain relevant, informative and up to date. Ours is no different and tells you all you need to know before you “up sticks” and relocate. It tells you all you need to…

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“JALSA” what’s in a name?

Now, we know you are wondering why we are called “JALSA” there is a brief explanation on our website homepage but basically we are a family run company and “JALSA” is an acronym from the first letters of our Christian names. Jim Alexander Louis Sarah Annette So there we have it, a family run business…

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